Head Coach Turki Alanazi

Our head coach Turki Alanazi has more than 30 years experience in fencing he started fencing at the age of 8 in King Faisal Air Base sports hall In Tabuk Saudi Arabia. He spent his life traveling around the world to become a better fencer and coach, he joined the Saudi National team at the age of 12 he was trained and educated in the Middle Eastern, European, and Asian schools of fencing. he hold Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, he was the foil coach for the national team for more than 10 years and the Technical Director, Performance Director of Saudi Fencing Federation 2013-2017, after that he moved to USA to start and open his fencing club In Middle Tennessee area and that’s how Saif “the sword” Fencing Academy, Williamson County Fencing Club and Murfreesboro Fencing Club were founded, and day by day or his passion in fencing become bigger and bigger.

Training and Participation:

The following are trainings mandates from the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Federation Affairs & Olympic Solidarity:

2018-Prestent Head Coach of Williamson county Fencing Club, Murfreesboro Fencing Club

2016-2017: Performance Director of Saudi Arabian Fencing Federation .

2013-2016: Technical Director of Saudi national teams.

2013-: Training in North Texas fencing Alliance , Texas, USA

2011: The fencer Academy saint Louise, Missouri,USA

May2009: Training in Olymipia fencing academy , saint Louise, Missouri,USA

2005 -2013 : Head Coach of the National team

2007 – Training Camp for the 11th Arab Tournament in Egypt held on Nov. 2007.

2006 – Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships – Kuwait.

2006 – Taipei Fencing Open/ 12th Landseed Fencing Cup.

2006 – Saudi Arabia Fencing Team Delegation. Chinese Taipei Fencing Association 2006 Taipei Fencing Open/ 12th Landseed Fencing Cup.

2005 – The 12th Arab Championship of Youth for Fencing – Amman, Jordan.

2005 – The Preparatory Camp of the National Team for Participation in the Arab Championship for Youth – Dammam.

2005 – The Preparatory Camp of the National Team for Participation in the Taipei Open Championship.

2005 – Saudia Arabia Fencing Team Delegation. Chinese Taipei Fencing Association 2006 Taipei Fencing Open/ 11th Landseed Fencing Cup.

Enclosed certificates of participation.


2009- Moniteur national coach certificate from united states fencing association , California ,July 2009.

2009: holding membership of USA coaches fencing association

2009 – GCC Preparation & Improvement of Fencing Coaches. Gulf Cooperation Council Fencing Organizing Committee.

2009 – Preparation of Fencing Coaches Course. Center of Preparation of Leaders.

2004 – Preliminary Course of Fencing Coaches. Institute for Preparation of Leaders, General Presidency of Youth.

2004 – Preparatory Fencing Couches Tournament. KSA – Saudi Arabia Fencing Federation.

2004 – Special Education for Physical Education Teachers. KSA – Ministry of Education.

2003 – Behavioral Objectives in Education. KSA – Ministry of Education.

2003 – Using PC in Education. KSA – Ministry of Education.

2000 – Fresh Referees Course. KSA – General Presidency of Youth Welfare.

1997 – National Team Training.

2002 – Bachelor Degree of Elementary Education. Specialization: Physical Education.

Appreciation Letters

KSA General Presidency of Youth Welfare – Head Office of Youth Welfare: for efforts in recruiting new athletes to the club.

KSA Ministry of Education – General Directorate of Education, Tabuk, KSA: Taima’a Secondary School presents thanks and appreciation to Captain Fencing Coach Al Anazy for active participation in the demonstration of Fencing Team at Taima’a Club.

Chairman & Managers of the Board of Alexandria Fencing Club, Alexandria, Egypt: for attending Arab Clubs Fencing Championship.

Sporting Supervision Office, El Badaa Region, KSA: for distinctive and active participation at inside and outside sporting activities for the school year of 1999.

Sporting Supervision Office, El Badaa Region, KSA: for securing second position at elite and national teams championships for the year 2003, and the third position at Prince Faisal Ibn Fahd for three weapons championship in 2003.

Saudi Arabia Fencing Federation: for the sincere effort and active participation at completion of the programs and activities of the federation during sporting season 2006 – 2007.

KSA Ministry of Education, College of Physical Education & Sporting, Riyadh, KSA: for participation in sporting demonstrations of the students of the Riyadh region & the College of Physical Education and Sporting, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Foundation of the KSA in 1999.

Also, for participation at closing activities of College of Teachers, Taif, within the gymnastics team.

General Presidency of Youth Welfare Taima’s Sporting Club: for distinctive support of the club’s mission.

Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Education, Taima’a, KSA: exerted effort to achieve the success of external activity and its honorable appearance in a distinctive educational image.

Coach Wejdan Alsabah

Coach Wejdan is a Coach Turki's Wife, Mom of two Future Olympic fencers Najah (2 years) and Saif (8 years). A world class athlete, Born in Amman Jordan, Coach Wejdan has been involved in fencing when she was 6 years old, she has over 20 years fencing Experiences includes member of the Jordanian national team for 10 years she worked with Olympic-level athletes and Coaches. and she has won won numerous medals. Her coaching style emphasizes competitive strategy and on-strip technique,